Diane Zamora

Diane Zamora


  • Office: 805.682.0400
  • Office Location: Santa Barbara

About Diane Zamora

Diane Zamora is an icon within the Santa Barbara community and with nearly fifty years of real estate brokerage and ownership experience, she is the epitome of what all rookie and veteran realtors alike aspire to be. Numerous and ongoing, Diane’s awards and accolades include Realtor of the Year, Realtor Emeritus NAR, and Professional Integrity Recognition, just to name a few. Always humble in her recognition, stature within the community, and quick to share successes and praise with her team, Diane enjoys being affectionately known as ‘the notary expert’ and can often be found working hard at her office on upper State Street.

Raised in Santa Barbara, Diane’s nearly lifelong residency and her immeasurable contacts – both professional and personal – are a perfect compliment to her passion as a REALTOR as well as to ensure her clients always receive the highest of real estate standards and service. Diane can be reached by calling 805.682.0400 and along with her team of seasoned professionals she will make certain her client’s real estate vision and dreams are realized.